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Decyl methyl bromide iodine complex solution

Short Description:

[Main ingredients] decyl methyl bromide, iodine
[Function and use] disinfectant. It is mainly used for disinfection and spray disinfection of stalls and appliances in livestock and poultry farms and aquaculture farms. It is also used to control bacterial and viral diseases in aquaculture animals.
[Usage and Dosage] Soak, spray, spray: disinfection of stables, utensils and breeding eggs: dilute 2000 times with water before use.
For aquaculture animals, dilute 3000 ~ 5000 times with water and sprinkle evenly throughout the pond: 0.8 ~ 1.0ml per 1m3 water body. Once every other day, 2 ~ 3 times. Prevention, once every 15 days.

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