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The temperature difference in autumn is large, so be sure to use it!— Cleansing mixture

In autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, the temperature difference between day and night increases, and the relative humidity decreases. Ventilation becomes more and more cautious. Chills in flocks have become common, and colds caused by colds are a trigger for other disease outbreaks. In view of this situation, management should pay attention to the following points:

1. Chickens are affected by factors such as age and outside temperature, and the three ventilation modes (minimum ventilation, transition ventilation, longitudinal ventilation) should be switched in a timely and reasonable manner.

2. Select the appropriate negative pressure due to the different structure and geographical location of the chicken house. If the negative pressure is too large, the chickens are easy to catch cold (especially the chicks). Generally, the negative pressure should be too large when the chick and the outside temperature are low, and vice versa. At the same time, in a well-sealed chicken coop, the front and rear window openings are the same size.

3. Insufficient heat supply from the water heater can cause the temperature of the chicken house to drop and cause the chickens to get cold. The overhaul and maintenance of heating equipment should be strengthened, and the responsibility of boiler workers should be enhanced.

4. Pay attention to the body temperature of chickens when dividing cages and expanding groups at 7-10 days old and 16-20 days old.

5. “Bathing” caused by all reasons, such as: the vehicle time is too long on the way to transport the chicks, the water line is too low during the hatching, the water pressure is too high, the nipple leaks, etc. Appropriately increase 1 ~ 2 ℃.


Preventive measures: Use traditional Chinese medicine to see the time!

1. Change from the traditional thinking of “prevention first, prevention is more important than cure” to “both maintenance and prevention”.

2. Chinese medicine recognizes diseases, from the “Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” “to cure the disease before, not to cure the disease.” In “Qian Jin Fang”, “the superior doctor treats the last disease, the traditional Chinese medicine treats the desire disease, and the inferior doctor treats the already diseased.” It can be seen that “” Not getting sick” and “wanting to get sick” are the best times for biological use of traditional Chinese medicine.

“Cleanse Mix” is used for:

1. When the living environment of chickens is not subject to “stress” that can be changed by people’s subjective will (such as cage separation, group expansion, cooling down, and changing weather), it should take the initiative to intervene, that is, use “clearance” during “raising” and “prevention”. “Mixture” to prevent colds, dosage: 1200-1500 catties of water/250ml.

2. “Early detection, early treatment”, in the early stage of cold, is to use “Qingjie Mixture” when “preventing” and “wanting to get sick”. Dosage: 1000-1200 catties of water/250ml.

Post time: Sep-30-2022