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Hebei Xinanran Biotechnology Co., Ltd. located at No. 6  First Row East, Konggang Street, Economic Development Zone, Xinle City, Hebei Province,  is such an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of veterinary drugs, feed additives and animal health products. The corporation was established in January, 2018. It covers a land area of 32,788 square meters, with an investment of 156 million RMB for the first phase of the project.

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The corporation has passed the 2020 version of the veterinary drug GMP inspection-acceptance by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China on March 28, 2021. Among the production lines, the large-volume injection workshop is fully in accordance with the EU. It is designed and constructed according to industry standards, and it has now become a modern benchmark veterinary drug production demonstration base with high efficiency and full closure in China.


New Products



    Indications Prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal and pulmonary strongyloses, cestodoses,fascioliasis and dicrocoelioses. Albendazole 2500 is ovicidal and larvicidal. It is active in particular on encysted larvae of respiratory and digestive strongyles. Dosage and administration 10mg/kg B.W.orally: Cattle and camels: For control and treatment of infestations caused by gastro-intestinal and long nemathodes, Moniezia and liver flukes use: 1 bolus / 300 kg B.W. In case of severe liver flu...

  • Glutaral and Deciquam Solution

    Glutaral and Deciquam Solution

    Main ingredient Glutaraldehyde, Decamethonium Characteristics This product is colorless to light yellow clear liquid, with pungent odor. Pharmacological action Disinfectant. Glutaraldehyde is an aldehyde disinfectant, which can kill bacterial propagules and budding spores, fungi and viruses. Decylammonium bromide is a double long chain cationic surfactant, its quaternary ammonium cations can actively attract negatively charged bacteria and viruses and cover their surfaces, hinder bacterial me...

  • Enrofloxacin injection

    Enrofloxacin injection

    Main ingredient Enrofloxacin Characteristics This product is colorless to pale yellow clear liquid. Pharmacological action Pharmacodynamic Enrofloxacin is a broad-spectrum bactericidal drug specially used for fluoroquinolone animals. For e. coli, salmonella, klebsiella, brucella, pasteurella, pleuropneumonia actinobacillus, erysipelas, bacillus proteus, clayey Mr Charest’s bacteria, suppurative corynebacterium, defeated blood pott’s bacteria, staphylococcus aureus, mycoplasma, chl...

  • Decyl methyl bromide iodine complex solution

    Decyl methyl bromide iodine complex solution

  • Dasomycin hydrochloride lincomycin hydrochloride soluble powder

    Dasomycin hydrochloride lincomycin hydrochlorid...

  • avermectin transdermal solution

    avermectin transdermal solution

    [Usage and dosage]  Pour or wipe: for one use, every 1kg body weight, cattle, pig 0.1ml,  pouring from the shoulder to the back along the back midline. Dog, rabbit, wipe on the base inside the ears. [Withdrawal period]  42 days for Cattle, pigs [Specifications]  0.5% was calculated by avermectin B1 [Storage] Shading, airtight, stored in cool places [Period of validity] Two years [Manufacturing enterprise ] Hebei XinAnRan Biotechnology Co., Ltd [Factory address] No. 6 First Row East, Konggang ...

  • Albendazole Suspension

    Albendazole Suspension

    Main ingredient Albendazole Characteristics A suspension solution of fine particles,When standing still, the fine particles precipitates. After shaking thoroughly, it is a uniform white or white-like suspension. Pharmacological action An antiparasitic drug. Albendazole has a broad-spectrum repellent effect, which is sensitive to nematodes, tapeworms and trematodes, but is not effective against schistosoma. The mechanism of its action is that it binds to β-tubulin in nematodes and p...

  • cefquinime sulfate injection

    cefquinime sulfate injection

    [Usage and dosage] Intramuscular injection: for one use, every 1 kg body weight, the pig 0.08 to 0.12ml, once a day for 3 to 5 days. [cautions](1) Animals allergic to β-lactam antibiotics are forbidden. (2) Allergy to penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics are not exposed to this product. (3) Shake well before use. [Withdrawal period]  Pig 72 hours. [Specifications] 100Ml:2.5g  per C 23H 24N 6O 5S 2 [Package] 100Ml [Storage]  keep in a cool place. [Period of validity] Two years [Manufactur...

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